a dog’s life

OK, here’s the Riley photos I promised…. :0)  These were actually taken a few weeks ago and as I was editing them I realized that she has grown a little more and her fur is much longer now! 

Have a great day!


It’s tough being a doggie…..


I ring my bell to go outside and sometimes I just want to sit on the porch and watch the deer and birds. 

Looking to the left…


looking to the right…


let me back in, please!


I like watching from inside too and it’s safer to bark at them from here…


I help mom clean the shower and she lets me get a drink…


here I am taking a snooze by the frig while mom cooks dinner…


time for me to go…mom is mad at me for digging by the porch. 


10 responses to “a dog’s life

  1. Riley is one cute dog! Love how her personality comres through in your photos and captions! Thanks for posting them!
    Love ALL your recent posts-the snail card-great! The ladybug card- terrific!

  2. Awwwwwwww, she’s so soft and sweet! You just gave me a big ol’ grin!

  3. Awwwwe he’s so cute!

  4. She is SOOOOO cute, Diane!!!! I bet you didn’t stay mad long, huh? 🙂

  5. I think we should get Libbie and Riley together for a play date! Just adorable! Loved all the photos!

  6. LOL, I love Riley’s commentary on her “ruff” life, Diane! Too cute!

  7. Ohhhhhh Diane I really need this eye candy today. What a sweetheart Riley is!

  8. What a cutie! These photos are all wonderful and make me smile!

  9. Diane your dog is soooo cute im looking for a dog like you had so can u tell me what kind of dog is Riley… i love his comments so cutie Riley!! thanks for the post..

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