one sheet wonders from 2004

Hello again.  Today I’m back with a flash from the past.  :0)

I was recently thinking about making another one sheet wonder template and I realized that I have only shared my most recent one with you.  I have two more that were posted a long time ago on a different website that I no longer have.  So I thought I’d just quickly post the other ones I did and then they will be available in the archives here for future reference.

If you are unfamiliar with the One Sheet Wonders, it is just a way to quickly make a set of coordinating cards.  You first stamp a whole sheet of cardstock and then cut it up, following the pattern.  The pieces are then used as if you would use patterned papers on your cards.  (you can also just cut up the patterned papers to use).

Now please bear in mind….these first two OSW’s that I created were back in 2004.  I would hope that my stamping has improved in the past 5 years!  LOL!  But I will post the card samples that I created with them anyway.  It helps to have a visual of how to use the pieces and hopefully the samples will give you a starting point.

OK, so here’s my earlier templates and samples.  You can click on each photo for a larger view.  I hope you find them useful…please link back if you use them so I can see your creations!

One Sheet Wonder #1

osw-template-dmz.JPG osw-bear1-dmz.jpg osw-card1-dmz.JPG osw-card2-dmz.JPG osw-card3-dmz.JPG osw-card4-dmz.JPG osw-card5-dmz.JPG

One Sheet Wonder #2

osw2-template-dmz.JPG osw2-card1-dmz.JPG osw2-card2-dmz.JPG osw2-card3-dmz.JPG osw2-card4-dmz.JPG osw2-card5-dmz.JPG osw2-card6-dmz.JPG osw2-card7-dmz.JPG osw2-card8-dmz.JPG

Have a great day!

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