building it up!

Hello!  Another busy day today at CHA and we’re all a bit tired.  Today we cleaned and built the furniture for the booth and everything so far is set into place.  Here’s some quick pics of Heidi and Stuart working hard…notice who was taking a break to take some photos.  LOL.

Speaking of taking a break….Heidi, Michelle and I went to find some lunch today and guess who we happened to see….

Tim Holtz!   And he was so nice to allow us a few pics!  I look horrible after cleaning and working but that sure made my day!  🙂

It’s exciting to see all the booths going up…I can’t wait to see them finished!  Tomorrow we will decorate our booth and add all of the new stamps and samples from the design team.  They have been very carefully transported to CA and they look wonderful!  ♥

Have a great night!

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  1. So fun and what a lot of work! I can’t wait to see photos of the booth. 🙂

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