a few more pics from CHA

Hello friends!  I hope you had a great weekend!  The Super Bowl is on and I’m still catching up on things.  I spent most of my weekend unpacking, doing laundry and relaxing.  My flights back home went well and I had a wonderful time!  I had to run from one end of the Detroit airport to the other but at least the flights weren’t cancelled.  Michelle had a much harder time getting home to Texas but she made it safely.  Who would think you could get all the way to PA in the winter but not to TX?! 

My last 2 posts below were typed up before I left and I didn’t get a chance to share any pics from my last 2 days at CHA.  There were so many wonderful samples there it just wasn’t possible to see them all!  Here’s a few more of my favorite pics from the trip.

On Tuesday, the last day of the show, Michelle and I saw some fun jewelry at the Sizzix booth…metal pieces to emboss!  How cool!

And I love, love, love this paper at the KaiserCraft booth!  They had some gorgeous samples made with it!

Another paper dress at the DCWV booth…there were paper dresses and altered dress forms everywhere.  ♥ the butterflies and rose on this one!

Then the show was over and it was time to tear the booth down.  It didn’t take too long but we had to wait for the crates to be brought back in the building.  Everyone was getting a bit antsy and one of the men at the Cosmo Cricket booth across from us got a little silly when taking down their mannequins. I wish I’d have taken a pic.  LOL. 

On Wednesday it was time to take the crates back to storage until next year’s show.  We drove down Sunset Blvd. to get to the U-Haul site and got to see the Hollywood sign along the way! 

After the crates were locked up and the U-haul was returned, we had just a few hours to do something fun…Disney!  What a fun way to end the trip!  I didn’t want to stand in line to get a pic with Minnie…and it looks like this little girl didn’t want to either.  LOL!

It soon got dark…how beautiful was this on our way out?

After Disney we ate at the Cheesecake Factory…my first time there….YUM!  And on Thursday we flew home.  I had so much fun meeting friends and spending time with Michelle, Heidi and Stuart!  But as with any trip, it felt good to come home to family and my own bed.  :^) 

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!  ♥

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  1. your pictures are fabulous Diane, it was so nice meeting you at CHA…we should have gotten a picture together…we know each other now…lol……your creations here are amazing….have a super week!

    enjoy *~*

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