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Happy Valentine’s Day!  I hope you had a nice, relaxing day.  I got a little crafting time in this afternoon and DH and I went out for a light dinner so it was a fun day.  I have still been so busy lately trying to play “catch-up” so I don’t have any projects I made to share today.  I do have some to share later but the card I have here today was made by someone else…

A few days ago I celebrated another birthday.  And DH kept asking me to get out some supplies so he could make me a card.  Say what??  He has never made a card before, let alone showing any intent to do so!  LOL.  And I kept thinking…this is going to be like the school projects the kids had to do when they were little…ha ha.  You know how that story goes.  But eventually I gave in and went to find some supplies.  I quickly found a card kit that was received from the  Buffalo Stamps & Stuff store and it was perfect for him to use.  It even included a die cut border.  Great!  Now here’s part of the conversation that followed:

DH: Do you have something to cut a vase and flowers?  (wanting to use the diecut machine and just cut/paste/be done)

me: ummm…flowers, yes…a vase, no  (mentally adding a vase to my wish list ’cause a girl’s got to have everything, ya know?)  But I have stamps with flowers and vases…

DH:  Uhhh…that would mean I’d have to color, right?

me:  (laughing at this point)…uhhhh….yeahhhh.

DH:  ok.  (not sure what he’s thinking but I think there was a big sigh in there somewhere. lol.)

So he cuts the paper, he stamps and he glues and I even trust him with my Copics (gritting teeth).  I comment on how much glue he’s using and he says he must be used to glueing his airplanes.  LOL.  Trust me…this card aint gonna fall apart. 

And so here it is….he did an awesome job, dontcha think?  I don’t think I’ll convert him to my hobby though…he quickly disappeared back to the basement to work on his plane.  ;^)

Thanks, hun….I ♥ it!

10 responses to “a special card

  1. Diane, what a great card you hubbie made ;o)
    I love it !

    Hugs, Janneke

  2. That is a pretty fabulous card. Lucky you 🙂

  3. OH this is wonderful! I would say he did an A+ job! And super special that he wanted to make you a card! Too cute! So did you place it on the fridge? LOL

  4. Diane,
    How special! He did a great job! Tell him I said to keep up the good work!

  5. Oh, so sweet and a great card, too. Happy Belated Birthday, Diane!

  6. Brian gets mega points for thought and effort. Bravo to him on a card well done and for not turning it into another project for YOU!

  7. Awwww, how sweet! And a very nice job he did indeed! He must be secretly watchig you while you work… 🙂

  8. Wow this card is stunning! Hey, now you have someone to help you out at Christmas time with your Christmas cards *lol*.

  9. What a great story and card. Thanks for sharing it and the story!

  10. What a great husband! He did a wonderful job and all your supplies are still intact!

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