Top 10 Ai for 2017

Hello friends and happy Monday!

This week on the Ai blog we are sharing our top 10 favorites from 2017.  Again, I have to say that I love ALL the hilarious and heart-warming Ai images I have worked with throughout the year.  It is so difficult to narrow down my favorites to only 10!  Here’s a few of my faves from this year. Click on each pic for more info!

I love the black & white with a pop of pink using the now retired Twins. You can pop just about any Ai image in this fun layout!

twins diane zechman

Yoga Yolanda reminds me of a dear friend who I miss working with! Paired with favorite colors, I love this gal!

yoga yolanda 2b diane zechman

Next up are two projects for the sweet little ones! I loved getting “more bang for my buck” by using the birthday cow from the Udderly Fantastic Set for a baby card!

cow over moon diane zechman

And it was SO much fun using Little Sprout (also now retired) to make some cute onesies again!

little sprout onesies diane zechman

The new Wiggle Wobbles this year are soooo much fun! This guy from Cowboy Wiggle Wobble just makes me smile!

cowboy wiggle wobble diane zechman

Here’s a couple of Halloween projects. The first is a card with a battery operated tea light inside using Holiday Mansion and the Accessory Set.

CHA 6c diane zechman

Putting Glow-in-the-Dark paint on the Skeleton Wiggle Wobble brought him to a whole new dimension! So fun! Click on the pic to see the whole card.

skeleton WW 4 diane zechman

I loved making this wine tag (Old Bat Set) as much as I loved giving it to a friend!

old bat wine tag 2 diane zechman

This was my first time trying wood slice ornaments and I was pretty happy with the results. Here I used Singing Snowmen PopCard and Nativity MTF. Although they are SO CUTE as intended, the interactive card sets are not limited to making interactive cards!

IMG_7144 copy

And last, but not least, I loved making this sweet Christmas tag using the Christmas Wonder Set.

caroling tag 1 diane zechman

I also wanted to choose one of the new Mouthfuls cards but I already chose my limit. They are one of my new favorites!!  I’ve only shared 3 of the cards I made so far, so watch for more of this fun new line!

I hope you’ve enjoyed all of our projects throughout the year on the Ai blog. Very soon we will share lots of fun cards in the new year! I’m looking forward to it!

Have a blessed Christmas and a great 2018!

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