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SAV Challenge #2 and blog award

Morning!  Today starts a new challenge on the Stampavie DT blog!  You can check it out here:


This time Jay Jay issued a color challenge…use pink, brown, and add green if you want.  My project was a journal.  You can check it out here.

This time there’s a secret prize.  I don’t know what it is, but I’m sure it will be great!  I hope you can join in!  All the details can be found by clicking the banner above. 

Also, my friend Jay Jay nominated me for this award:


Thanks, Jay Jay!  I think I am supposed to nominate 5 blogs that make me smile….that’s tough as there are so many!

I will narrow it down to these:

Cheryl Rowley– her Magnolia cards definitely make me smile and someday I am going to ink the few I have!

Lesa Rapp– LOVE her creations and her Nestie flowers ROCK!

Michele Boyer– LOVE your style girl!  (you’ve got lots of it too!)

Anna Wight– ok, who DOESN’T love Anna?  ’nuff said!

Tracy Harp– I can always count on a smile when I visit Tracy’s blog!

 Gotta run….Have a GREAT day!  :0)

a blog award from Kelley…

award_spanish.jpgKelley sent me this blog award….thanks, Kelley!  That was so sweet!  :0)

Here’s what I found out about the award….

“This award is given to a blog that invests and believes in PROXIMITY – nearness in space, time and relationships! These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind of bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers!”The rule of the award is to now pass it on to another 8 people who demonstrate this spirit.”

So….here’s a few people who I chose to receive this award:






Jay Jay




oops…I think that’s one too many…LOL.  How can you stop?  ;0)  You can check out more great friends in my blogroll!

an award from Cyndi

kreativ-blogger-award.jpgCyndi was so sweet and sent me this blog award!  Thanks, Cyndi!  Be sure to check out the wonderful cards on her blog here

I think I am supposed to pick 5 others who inspire me.  How do you pick just five?  LOL. 

OK, I’ll give it a try…

1. Lesa Rapp– she may have already been nominated but I just gotta give her a shout out again!  Every month I look forward to seeing her creations on the ATS DT…I just love them all!

2.  Michelle Boyer– Michelle and I became friends through the SCS Dirty Dozen and I am continually amazed at how her mind works.  She is always coming up with something fresh and I love her style!

3.  Anna Wight– Who doesn’t love Anna’s work?  Seriously!  And I am just loving her snowflake creations recently!  Makes ya drool!  ;0)

4.  Cheryl Rowley–  I don’t get to blog hop as often as I like and I need to visit Cheryl more often than I do.  Her coloring is just gorgeous and her creations are simply adorable!

 5.  Tracy Harp– Tracy comes up with some sweet projects and I have enjoyed seeing the delicious gifts she has created this year from her own kitchen.  I’m sure her family will love them!  

Thanks again, Cyndi!

I {heart} your blog

i_love_your_blog_photo.jpgI’m sure you’ve seen this blog award floating around….thanks to Virginia for nominating me!  :0)  I tried to think of 7 people to nominate but I just can’t keep it to 7.  🙁    There are so many great blogs…I invite you to check some out in my blogroll.  And if you find yourself there, or if I’ve commented on your blog (I’m not real good at keeping up the blogroll) consider yourself tagged!     

blog award

artebypico.jpgJackie Wright nominated me for the arte y pico award.  Thanks, Jackie!  The award was originally designed by Eseya at arte y pico . You are supposed to pick five blogs that you think earned this award based on their creativity, design, interesting material, and contribution to the blogging community.  Well, I have a hard time choosing….there are so many great blogs!  If you are on my blogroll or if I’ve ever left you a comment, consider yourself nominated.  🙂   

birthday cookie crumbs!

Before I get to the cookie crumbs (blog candy), I want to thank Tracy.


Tracy Harp is so sweet….she nominated my blog for the Excellent award. 🙂 Thanks, Tracy! So now I think I’m supposed to nominate 5….egads! There are so many great blogs! I know that a few of my faves were already mentioned. Well, here are 5 but you can also check my blogroll on the side for quite a few more!

Beate Johns
Anna Wight
Sharon Johnson
Jami Sibley
Leigh O”Brien

OK, so now for the blog candy….
I thought I would celebrate my recent birthday by giving a gift myself. It will be a surprise (mostly because I haven’t picked anything out yet!) LOL. But I will stuff a package with some stamped images and other fun stuff. Just comment on this post and Wednesday night I will draw a winner.