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7 responses to “My Etsy Shop

  1. cupcake boxes love them how do i purchase them??

  2. Like your cupcake boxes how do I buy them?

  3. love these for my daughters 1 yr bday how do i purchase these and how much?

  4. Hello,

    I would like to know how I can buy the cupcake boxes and some giftbags.
    How many boxes can I order in once and what is the price?
    Can I use them in my shop or can I not because of the copyrights?

    Thank you

  5. Love your cupcake box. Would like to order and what is the price?


    would like to purchase cupcake boxes-are you selling them now??


  7. Connie Halaberda

    I have fallen in love with the teacups!! I am planning a bridal shower for my daughter, who loves teacups…we will be having many, and I’m thinking of these teacups as shower favors. How much are they…if for sale at all. Or where would I find a pattern for it? I would like a simpler pattern…meaning no initials, etc.
    Anxious to hear back from you!
    Connie Halaberda

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