mini cupcake bag and cards

This is a fun project that I made recently. I created my own pattern for the cupcake bag which can be found at the end of this post. I also made a set of tiny 3×3 cards which I kept very simple to slip inside. I really like how cute it turned out! 🙂


You can click on the thumbnail pic below to see the cards. Directions for making the set *should* be in the link below. I am not a computer whiz….sigh….so I am crossing fingers that it is accessable. The pattern should print out at the correct size….again crossing fingers….but it can also be enlarged to fit a larger bag of your choice. If you create a bag, link it back here so I can see! 🙂


Edit: I have had many requests for help in downloading the pattern.  Try “right-clicking” on the following link and then click on “save target as” to download it to your computer.  Thanks for all the comments…I’m glad you are enjoying it!


If you are still having trouble downloading it, maybe this will help…click on the thumbnail to make it larger.  Then right click on it and “save target as” to save it to your computer.  Hope that helps!


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  1. What a cute idea!
    I just may have to order this set!

  2. way too cute Diane! I envy your creativity… what a great door prize for a gathering -hint, hint 🙂

  3. This is wonderful.

  4. I my gosh, that is the cutest thing ever. I LOVE it!!

  5. This is adorable, Diane — I love it . . . thanks for sharing!!

  6. This is so adorable — FANTASTIC idea!!

  7. Gosh, Diane, this is so cute! I love how you used the swirly paper for the cupcake frosting. Absolutely darling! The pattern looks great, too. Thanks so much!

  8. This is just DARLING!! LOVE the colors you chose so cute! 😀

  9. How “sweet” this is!!
    I have to add you to my links!
    I had no idea you were up & running!

  10. Wow, Diane! This is totally adorable!!! I love the big zig zags! Too cute!

  11. That’s like the cutest bag EVER! Love the cards as well. What a great project!

  12. Candy aka cwilliams

    OMGosh Diane this is the cutest bag and card set ever!!

  13. Now that just looks good enough to eat!!

  14. This is absolutely adorable! Thank you so much for sharing your awesome pattern! Now I now what I can do with that pad of designer paper I HAD to have! I can’t wait to try it out, Thank you Diane!


    Vicki Allgaier
    visit my blog:

    May I add your blog to blog roll???

  16. adorable!! I must use this in an upcoming class !!! So glad patty B told us to look here!!

  17. Waaaaaay Cute!!!!

  18. Absolutely adorable … love it.

  19. Oh, these are just awesome! What a cute idea! Thanks for sharing!!!

  20. Thank you so much for share this..I will be using it for a swap I am in regarding breast cancer..perfect for what I am doing

  21. I just found your site today. Thank you for sharing such a cute idea and the templates…absolutely adorable.

  22. Diane, this bag is incredibly cute! Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

  23. Diane, This bag is WAYYY to cute! Thank you for sharing your idea and the template! Just LOVE it!

  24. Diane, These bags and cards are adorable. Thanks for shraing the template. I really do appreciate it.

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  26. This is way past cute, thanks for the directions.

  27. Got it! Thanks so much Diane. I’ll let you know when I post mine!

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  29. ahh! I love it! definitely saving this for my daughters’ next birthdays… not until december tho, I want to make them now!

  30. That is so cute, and creative!
    Would you mind if we made a post, and linked here about this on All Things Cupcake?

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  32. I LOVE these! I’ve been hunting all our local dollar stores trying to find these specific cupcake gift bags, but your template is nearly the same thing. My search is over…it’s CRAFTING TIME!!! Thanks for sharing.

  33. the link to the cupcake bag template isn’t working.

  34. I love the bag any suggestions for a 5 year old boys party possibly pirates

  35. I love them sooo much. There adorable!! Now im just wondering where i can find the card templatess???? I want them!!

  36. I’ve been trying to open the link to the template and instructions, but it will not open. Could you please email it to me. I just love these….they are too cute!

  37. Hello,

    I loved your cupcake set… I’m fm Brazil and am after some ideas for my little ladys 1st birthday party with cupcake theme. Unfortunately pattern link doesn’t work for download… Is there anyway you could send this .pdf pattern file to my personal email? If so, await your reply directly through my e-mail.

    Many, many tks and congrats for such nice work.

    Kind Regards

  38. i really like this idea and would love to use it for my daughter’s first birthday. For some reason the link doesnt bring me anywhere, so is there a way you can email me the pattern? thank you

  39. I love the cupcake pattern but can’t seem to download it….is there anyway you can send it to me…I am desperate to get it!!!!!

  40. I still cant get it to download…is there another way you can send me the link?! I LOVE this idea and want to use it for my daughters 1st bday! Thanks!

  41. Can you please email me the template as well. I would love to do this for my daughters birthday coming up. [email protected]

  42. Hi! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pattern, but I can’t seem to get it to download. Would you be able to email the pattern as well? [email protected] Thanks so much! My daughter is turning 2 this month and this is so perfect!

  43. Hi Diane i love this idea and would love to order this to do it for my daughters first birthday party this month how would i do that.

  44. Hi Diane – what a lovely template – can you please e-mail it to me – I’ve problems downloading it. [email protected] Thank you

  45. Can I please get the template for the cards? THANKS!

    [email protected]

  46. i really like this idea and would love to use it for my daughter’s first birthday. For some reason the link doesnt bring me anywhere, so is there a way you can email me the pattern? thank you

  47. Loved your cute CUPCAKE bag. Simply adorable! 🙂

  48. I simply love your cupcake loot bags!!! Is it possible for you to send me the template to my email, I am having problems downloading it and I will like to make them for my daughter’s birthday party.
    [email protected]


  49. Hello there,

    This is very pretty! Thank you for sharing. I will print this and make the bag for my friend’s cupcake party for her daughter. Keep it up!

  50. it doesnt work when i click the link if i print out the thumbnail what will print out?

  51. Thank you so very much, my daughter will love this!!!

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