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Promarker Ultra-fine Nibs

I recently received a few Ultra-fine Nibs that attach to the Promarkers and was asked to try them out.  I thought the best way to share this with you was to take a few pics so you can get a visual of what they are like.

Promarkers are often compared to Copics so I thought I’d include those as well, showing the thickness of the lines in each.

The top 2 markers are Copic Ciao and Copic Sketch…they have a brush tip and a chisel tip.  The Promarker (bottom) has a bullet tip and a chisel tip.  The Promarker bullet tip gives a slightly thinner line than the Copic brush.  The chisel tips are very comparable as well, but the Promarker chisel tip is slightly wider.  I like both products and honestly, it took a bit of practice to get used to a different tip.  But after a few tries, I really started to feel comfortable with the bullet tip and I like the “feel” of how the ink flows in the Promarker. 

Now as far as the Ultra-fine Nib, here’s a close up…

The Ultra-fine Nib definitely gives a thinner line!  It is very easy to use…just snap it on over the bullet tip and within seconds the ink is flowing.  Very cool idea!  I took one more pic so you can see how easy it is to color tiny spaces with the Ultra-fine Nibs…

My opinion?  Letraset came out with a great product and I give it two thumbs up!  :0)

Have a great night!